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Our aim is the right Fit - the Organization
Hiring a CFO or a senior finance executive goes beyond merely a reference check. Recruiting a key finance resource for the business necessitates detailed planning and due diligence. Cultural, aspirational and behavioural factors are all as essential as competency, skills set, experience and qualifications. After all, the right fit now helps save orgnaizations time and money. Because at FinResume we know that businesses are only as good as the people they employ.
Our focus is You – the Job Seeker
At FinResume we know that those seeking a career in finance are people, not mere numbers. Our team brings its acumen, insight, experience and sensitivity in the process of recruitment. We take the time to understand your aspirations, your ability and your ambitions and map it to the job you are seeking. We focus on your strengths and allow you to articulate your dreams. After all the organization that you will work in, should be the right fit for your career goals.
If you’re a job seeker in the financial services sector or looking to hire finance professionals with the right credentials, connect with us.